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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Patterns for sale , postage on one is $2.00 one or more, I will have to work out postage.

For some time now I have been accumulating patterns, my girls are growing up and some I no longer need as I have just way too many and some i know i won't use again.  In a effort to declutter I am posting here the ones i wish to sell. 
I am a paper pattern cutter (don't shudder) I have only cut the size 12/14 and are in great condition.  If you wish to purchase one first in best dressed. Leave me a comment and the number of the pattern and your email and I will be in touch.  I will probably post after Christmas now.

(1) This is up for sale for $7 adult 10 -18
and girls size 1 up to 7 years - pattern in excellent condition

(2) $3.00 sizes 6,8,10,12 SOLD TO TRISH

(3) $7.00 size 0-3 SOLD TO MEL pattern in as new condition

(4) $3.00 size xxs to medium (CUT medium size)

(5) $3.00 size xs to x large (CUT) 
(6) $3.00 size 8 -18 (CUT)

(7) $7.00 SOLD SOLD SOLD TO MEL size 18mths to 6 years

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Charlotte's class Prep D at Stella Maris Catholic school did a beautiful liturgy at the end of term Father Gerry came and the children enjoyed the day and his jokes

We have been enjoying the Cotton Tree beach this summer so good for the girls and fun for the mummy watching the kite surfers !

The evil capsicum that i grew and some of the others

We / I grew these capsicums and nurtured them as hubby said they weren't going to grow, they did eventually and this top one looks a bit evil.

Here is a piccie of the gluten free ginger bread men and shapes we made today, I had my doubts about the men ! BUT they are v tasty and all GONE

How do I love thee , let me count the ways
I love my new pre xmas present Nespresso coffee machine
You see i have a small kitchen and when i saw this little baby
I knew it would fit perfectly in my kitchen
I have "crossed over" as i am religiously a tea drinker but
I must say i am now converted and love my little pod machine
a bit more than George Clooney xx

Happenings and 2010

Charlotte at her Prep Concert for Christmas

Amber at her birthday party 4 years old !!!

Amber and Charlotte's joint bday party Gluten free cake made by me !

This little angel/fairy may look strange with her funny neck but as a little girl I used to wait excitedly for my dear mum (RIP) to get this girl out of her grey box, I can still remember the box vividly tied with brown string.  I thought this girl was beautiful and because my mum is no longer with me she reminds me every year when I get her out and hang her on my own tree what a great childhood i had and what a gorgeous devoted mother my mum was. She sits proudly on our tree once again this year. x

Me and the girls at dcare concert

Monday, December 13, 2010

Bush piggy Piniata

My dear husband was put in charge of making a piniata for the girls birthday party - me well i was expecting a cute little miss piggy type pig NAH not from Nick, so here is the picture the kids loved him anyway